T50  portable line boring machine


T50 Mobile drilling and welding technology
With our mobile drilling and welding technology, it is possible for us to repair worn-out bushing fits, bolt bearings and bores on site.

With build-up welding in the bore and mechanical processing, it is possible to restore the original dimensions without major dismantling work.

Complex and expensive transports of equipment parts are avoided because the drilling can be done directly at the machine location.

T50 portable line boring machine is a versatile and modular mobile line boring machine, With the help of our mobile boring machine, rattling, worn-out pin bearing points as well as worn, no longer perfectly fitting bores for plain bearing bushes or roller and joint bearings can be repaired.

used for repairing buckets and booms of excavator, the loader arms and bucket pin holes, etc. It’s a must-have tool to rebore holes round and concentric again.

The mobile welding and drilling device enables repairs directly on the construction site through automatic / mechanized build-up welding and subsequent
processing with one and the same machine, by simply exchanging tools, bores or shafts (diameter 55 to 260 mm). The system is attached to the defective device (excavator, crane,
wheel loader, caterpillar, crusher, etc.) usually without great dismantling of the defective parts and without special knowledge of the user, directly on site, then by one or more build-up welds and subsequent machining repaired..

Specifications & Accessories
Standard Boring Bar (customizable)
50*1500 mm (1.97*59 Inches)
Boring Diameter
55-260 mm (2.17-10.4 Inches)
390 mm (15.35 Inches)

Feed Speed

0-0.5mm/r (0-0.02 inches/r)
Power Option
3kw electric motor